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poke-spies asked:

The two Scittens are walking and arguing. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" "NO IT'S YOURS!" "I can't hear you over the sound of IT'S YOUR FAULT!" "I know you are but what am I?" "That's not even a good comeback." There is NO WAY that Wilson could NOT hear this.








Wilson turned,upon seeing the skittens he gripped his spear tightly and tried to not grab their attention and began leaving the area quietly.

The Scittens were still argueing when their ears twitch. They are very good at hearing things. “Great, now I hear footsteps. If we get in trouble it’s YOU’RE FAULT-“

"Fine. I’ll check it out and you can stop being a baby." Red Scitten decided to go in Wilson’s direction. He didn’t know what to make of the man with no team colors, and he just tilted his head, confused.

Wilson jumps when it slithered in his direction.

The scientist started to back up.

"S-Stay away!"

"… What team are you on, anyway?" Red gave up trying to figure out what team he was on. The man’s voice sort-of reminded him of a trumpet…

Blu decided to cloak and get a bit closer, to try to see if she could be over there without scaring him.

"T-Team?..I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m on no one’s team." he said and caught a glimpse of Blu out of the corner of his eye making him back up more.

"Well, I came from Red team, and I have the nickname ‘Red’. Why are you backing up?" Red tilted his head. "I really should try to get back home, I need to feed my fish."

Blu, who was currently almost invisible, saw that Wilson saw her and decided not to say a word.

"I thought I saw something over there that’s why I’m backing up, besides most things here try to kill me and since I barley know you I felt a bit uneasy." he sighs.

"Well you’re going to have to hope someone feeds hem for you because you’re going to be here for a long time."

"What do you mean ‘for a long time’?! I HAVE 11 FISH!"

"And I have a bluebird." Blu mentioned, getting Red’s attention.

"… Blu, why are you cloaked?"

"Didn’t wanna scare him." Blu Scitten uncloaks because she was found.

poke-spies asked:

((I have a roleplay character with an interest with fish, and he has a large tank with 10 different colored fish. I don't know what kind of fish they would be but I know this: they must all share the same preference for water due to being in the same tank. Any ideas for what kinds of fish he has? Colors: dark red, white, pink, bright red, bright purple, dark purple, brown, black, pale orange, gold orange. Thanks for the help~!))


There are no earthly fish that fit that description! I mean sure there are some almost solid reds (cherry barbs come to mind, but only the males) but colors like purple and pink are just extremely uncommon naturally. Even if they are there it’s generally just a bit of iridescence.

If you want him to have an especially colorful tank you could give him Cardinal tetras (in a school of 6+) a red severum (a medium-large cichlid) a red tailed shark, powder blue gourami, etc.

Or just a tank full of fancy guppies. Actually, those might fit your description better than any fish. They’ve got multiple colors, some come in solid colors, and are SUPER bright. Yeah, I’d just go with guppies.


((Thanks for the help :D))

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